SEO Mistakes That Will Spell Death For Your Business

Many new marketers and webmasters are not really aware of how exactly SEO works. But the fact remains that no matter what niche your business is in, you will need SEO to get targeted traffic to your website. Today, almost everybody does research online on products they are interested in. If you are not leveraging search engine traffic for your business, then you're leaving a lot of money on the table. Getting good search engine ranking is equal to money in the bank. With SEO there are certain practices that you never want to apply to your site and we are going to tell you a few. For some reason, many internet marketers believe that SEO is a bag of tricks that is updated every month, in fact, it is the opposite.

The most common blunder is neglecting on-site SEO. For something that people have complete control over; it�s shocking that so many neglect it. On-page SEO is how you arrange the elements on your site to rank well in the search engines. The main components of on-site SEO are your heading tags, ALT tags, navigation, and file names. All of these should have your targeted keywords mentioned in them. On-site optimization is one of the search engine�s ways of giving higher ranking to the sites that will give their searchers the best experience. These are very basic on-page SEO methods that will be implemented by your competing sites, so it's always good to stay ahead.

Choosing the wrong keywords is another mistake that webmasters make. The best SEO starts with good keyword research. The traffic you get isn't much targeted, which means it doesn't convert and give results. Your focus should be on keywords that are popular among searchers. With the right keywords you are off to a running start; with the wrong keywords you might as well start over because you won�t win the race. Once you have found some high volume keywords you can start planning your site structure and themes. There are a number of free keyword tools that you can use to generate relevant keywords for your site.

Once you have everything setup your main priority should be to get incoming links but don�t get too many at once because you will get penalized for spamming. Many people will lie to you and say that by getting thousands of backlinks at once to your new site you will get to the first page and stay there. These spam tactics do not work anymore. Are you willing to get your brand new site sandboxed and de-indexed because you didn�t have the patience to build your links naturally over time? Link building is necessary in the competitive online environment of today but you will actually outrank your competition by getting links a few links a day, consistently.

Believe it or not, but you now know everything you need to know to dramatically increase your ranking. The more you practice optimizing your site, the better results you will get. It seems that Google is placing a large emphasis on the number of relevant backlinks that a site has so it would be wise to focus a little bit more of your time on getting them.
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